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A: Yes!!!!!!!

Q: Where the heck is it?!?!?!?!

A: It is by the eastern shore of the Western lake, about halfway between the northern shore and where the river empties into the lake. (It's listed on the locations page but is not actually on the map, so picture it at the eastern shore's midway point, if that makes any sense.)

Q: Where the hell did it come from?!?!

A: Originally there was one treehouse, hidden, built by Jack Sparrow two summers ago. This treehouse is fairly hard to find and is not linked to the others. It looks something like this. He also built a ropes course, which is a series of elements like platforms, rope swings, slacklines, cargo nets, climbing ropes, etc., to look like the rigging of a ship. (This was back before Luceti had an ocean and a multitude of boats. There was only one boat, the Anna Aurion, and it didn't have the kind of rigging a large galleon would have. Jack built the ropes course in a manic near-death-experience craze to practice climbing rigging and try to feel less homesick.)

The ropes course is fairly easy to find and is right by the treehouse village, which was built back when the Merry Men roamed Luceti's forests.

Q: What does it look like?

A: Picture like six or seven of these, linked together by rope-and-plank bridges.

Q: Can my character discover it/go there/climb on it/etc?

A: Yes! Yes! Go nuts! It would be wonderful for more characters to use it, fix it up, etc.!
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Actually it is one one of the maps (the zoomed in one that is)

Just to... help people out.
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Ooh, looks like fun to swing around!
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The first thing I thought is that if a Donkey Kong were around, he'd *have* to live there. /geek
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Dude, why did I not know about this? That's awesome!
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...This is awesome. I wish I knew about it earlier.
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sounds like a new place for this boy to roost and keep people away from HOW COOL...
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Good luck keeping Yun away from them. A place to retreat to in the forest is something she's looking for come Spring.
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Maybe if she's worthy enough in his eyes, she can stay in one of the treehouses far away from him pffft
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brb, planning to hang out in the one right next to his
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agjksbhjgs JERK... i would enjoy this very much!!
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and she'll sit there chatting with the trees instead of him~

bwahah yes, it'd be fun.
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-- well if she's not talking to him maybe she can stay AS LONG AS SHE DOESN'T GO INTO HIS PART OF THE TREE HOUSE AND BUG HIM

but yes i would look forward to this definitely
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I rather imagine Katie spends an awful lot of time there. |D
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Hmmm treehouses...
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Of course, they have to be near the ocean and pirates.
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So very belated, but as a note, Katniss and Rue are now living in one of the treehouses! Not Jack's, but one of the ones out in the village. They've added some camouflaging to hide it a little better.