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Cultural Fair Planning

Hello! There's a lot written here, but mostly, I want to direct your attention to this writeup in regard to an event that should hopefully capture the attention of hopefully a good percentage of Luceti's population, since it's been brought up by quite a few different people throughout the years and considering the current situation, it's currently a relevant thing!

People are encouraged and welcome to bring other creative aspects into it! I know I saw someone mentioning wanting to put a "map" together of all the respective worlds/countries, and honestly, I don't even know how many *will* be represented, as there are so many. But getting an idea of that would help, so if your character is definitely interested -- and even for handwave purposes! Feel free to mention that on the writeup post so we all can get an idea of what to expect.

Multiple characters can work together or separately if they're representing the same world -- such as Earth, for example, so many *different* aspects of that exist so it's just encouraged that characters contribute something they're familiar with--more or one things are fine, the more to interact with the better!

So please think about it. It would be really neat if this could all be pulled off, and communication is definitely encouraged.

I know with the event going on it might slip out of mind, but I'm hoping to have guild members (is BV still together? Does BR want to chip in? Students?) help out with construction if needed, and for other characters - whether or not they're involved with the school directly or not - to take an interest and mention it here and there, particularly once the heavy plot is out of the way.

Currently the ideal is to have it during the last weekend in April, the 28th-29th, which is far in advance, but I know other things are going on, such as the Starfish festival and event fallout, but at least it won't directly push into the next cycle. Although depending on how things go, if it does, it does. We'll see! But please help.

Thank you for listening!
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Well as I've said before, the SOS-Brigade will take an active interest in this. Wanting to win any sportings things/contests which'll be involved and bring it's own booth(s) to the fore too.

As to how to run it - might I support a mass log in which each top-level reply is a booth/event/etc and people can reply to those with their threads interacting with each other in relation to them?